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CAMS 1V-2P and 1V-6P Support

CAMS 1V-2P Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning the Vacuum Generators

How to remove the Outer Shell

Dropping Stones

Not Detecting Out of Stones

Not Picking Up Large Stones

Stones Placed on Their Sides

Stones not Filling into the Parts Feeder Holes

Stones Breaking on the Transfer Sheet

1V-2P Tutorial

Loading and Running a Design

CAMS 1V-6P Airless (Current Gen) Frequently Asked Questions

CAMS 1V-6P Compressor (Previous Gen) Frequently Asked Questions

Sierra HotFix Frequently Asked Questions

How to multi Layer Objects with Text

Mixed Media Vinyl & Rhinestones

How to Rotate a  dsg file in Hot fix

Working with Vectors from CorelDraw

Using the IMPORT feature

Text Shapes Chevron Style

Moving Text from Grips

Mixed Media Vinyl & Rhinestones

How to Split an oversized design for Spangle

How to Rotate a  dsg file in Hot fix

Chapter 1 Set Up

How to make a Chevron

Creating Hot Fix design from Bad Art and Mixed Media

Creating a Design From Start to Finish

Chapter 6 Text Part 2

Chapter 5 Text Part 1

Chapter 4 Creating a Design

Chapter 3 Design Theory

Chapter 2 Navigation