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Avancé Single-Head Embroidery Support

Avancé Troubleshooting

Trims Are Failing

Thread is pulling out of the needle

Thread is looping on my design

Thread is shredding while sewing

I am getting a “No Needle” or “Color Change Overtime” error

Needles are not stitching

I am breaking needles

I have long threads (tails) on my sewouts

I am getting lots of thread breaks

I can’t load a design from my USB thumb drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Greasing The Wiper Bracket

Oiling The Right Side Of The Machine

Oiling The Shaft and Linkage on the Right Side of the Embroidery Head

Oiling The Needle Bars and Lower Felt Pads

Oiling The Color Change Bearings

Oiling The Left Side Of The Embroidery Head – Reciprocator Rod

Oiling The Bed Arm

Greasing The Color Change Gear

Greasing The LM Guide

Assembling the Stand

Repair Design Memory Pull Compensation

Rotating a Design

Sewing a Flat

Sewing Applique

Sewing a Cap

Selecting a Design

Needle Overview

Using the Start Button (Jog)

Clearing Error 100

Changing a Needle

Centering and Tracing

Powering Up Errors

Cleaning Bobbin Case

Deleting Designs

Emergency Stop

Dividing a Design

Hooping Flats

Selection of Backings

Control Panel Overview

Anatomy of the Avancé

Repairing a Design with Float

Combining Designs

Design Repeat

Loading/Replacing a bobbin

Cleaning Rotary Hook Area & Oiling Trimmer Blade

Switching Hoops

Speed Adjustments

Oiling Rotary Hook


Unpacking your Avancé

Using the Cap Gauge

Powering on your Avancé

Thread Breaks and Bobbin Run Out

Memory Management

Loading a design

Installing the table

How to set tension

Float Function and Why

Emergency Stop in Shipping Error

Offset Function

No Needle Errors

Complete Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Maint Procedures

Hooping Caps

Avance Tutorial

Anatomy of the Avancé

Unpacking your Avancé

Powering on your Avancé