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DTG M2 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

M2-X Upgrade Kit | What’s Included

Installing the M2-X Upgrade Kit

During this video we’ll show you how to install the check valve and do wet capping


DTG M2 | Replacing the Release Mechanism

M2 Replacing the Encoder Disk

M2 Printhead and Damper Replacement

M2 Capping Station Replacement

Training Videos

M2 Tutorial

Chapter 1 Unpacking

Chapter 2 Power Up

Chapter 3 Adjusting the Platens

Chapter 4 Filling with Ink

Chapter 5 Head Cleanings

Chapter 6 Nozzle Check

Chapter 7 Media Feed Adjust

Chapter 8 Daily Start Up

Chapter 9 Pre-Treating w/ Wagner Sprayer

Chapter 10 Pre-treating Light Cottons

Chapter 11 Pre-Treating Dark Cottons

Chapter 12 Pre-Treating Light Polyester

Chapter 13 RIP Pro C6

Chapter 14 Printing Black Shirt w/ White Ink

Chapter 15 Printing White Shirt

Chapter 16 End of Day Maintenance

Chapter 17 Flushing M2

Chapter 18 Print Head Replacement

Chapter 19 Improper Pre-Treat

M2 C Series (Old Version)

All training videos for the older C engine M2’s are located at the below Youtube Playlist. These videos are not applicable for the new X engine M2 printers.

To identify which printer you have, turn the printer on and look for the message “Paper End” or “Cover Open” on the control panel. If the message reads “Paper End”, you have a C engine M2. If the message reads “Cover Open”, you have a X engine M2.

C Engine Training Videos