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You may notice that the FIRST thing that any of our tech support personnel will ask during any help session is:

“Have you taken your training course?”

The reason they do that is simple: 97% of questions are answered during the self-paced training course on Digital HeatFX and/or Print Optimizer – so the vast majority of issues with an end result are a process issue, not a product issue.

That’s why training is SO IMPORTANT

Calling tech support is not the best way to get trained on how to do something!

If you haven’t done your complete training course yet, please do that here. Once you have completed that, please fill in the request form on this page and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

How Support Works:

ColDesi has an advanced tech support ticketing system we use to make sure everyone gets the help they need as quickly as possible. When you complete the Ticket form it is put into the queue for the next available qualified technician. Because some days we get more support requests than others, and some problems take more time to solve than others, our response time varies.

TIP: Include a detailed description of the problem AND photos or videos if you can. 

It’s VERY important to us that you get back up and running as quickly as possible, so you will hear from us as soon as possible.

So, visiting our training site at http://training.coldesi.com, or the open a ticket link at the top of this page so you get back to printing!


There are a few videos below just to help make sure you’re set up properly. All are also available in the self-paced training.

Support Videos

Compress UV | Daily Maintenance


Compress UV | Replacing the Release Mechanism

Compress UV | Replacing the Print Head

Compress UV | Accessing The Main Board

Compress UV | Flushing The Machine

Compress UV | Changing The Dampers

Compress UV | Performing an Ink Charge

Compress UV | PF Adjustment

Compress UV | Bidirectional Alignment

Compress UV | Rotary Adapter

Support Documents

How to Improve UV Printer Ink Adhesion

Adhesion is one of the most important aspects of printing with any UV printer or ink set. This article explains why and the different products and processes available.

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