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Today we did our online training with John Dunbar. I have to say he has the patience of a saint. Knowing he has been through this training more times than he probably remembers, his attitude is great and so helpful to all of us asking questions he has probably heard time and time again. We never felt rushed if we were having a problem and you could tell he wanted us to get this. He also helped my daughter with an issue she was having with the software. You can tell he likes what he does. After today we know we can get started with confidence. I don't know if John checks out this page but I just want him to know we really appreciated the training today. Everyone we have contact with a ColDesi have been the best. Ona that means you too. ColDesi, You Rock !!!!!!!! if you are looking to buy I recommend you check ColDesi out. Ask for Ona. BTW, Ona, you were right, I will be OK.

Virginia Johnson Bullock 
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