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CAMS 1V-2P Step 1

Step 1 is designed to walk you through the setup of your CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting machine.   The first thing that needs to be done is for you to download the files that will walk you through the setup and discuss what is included with the 1V-2P.  You should print the READ ME FIRST file as it will walk you through the proper sequence of events that you need to follow.

CAMS IV 2P Training Downloads

CAMS 1V-2P Step 2

Step 2 is simply an entrance exam that confirms you are prepared for the instructor led portion of your training and have completed Step 1.  Our online training is done through GoToTraining and therefore you do need to register for this step to take the exam.

Click here to take the exam

CAMS 1V-2P Step 3

Step 3 is the instructor led portion of your training.  There are several dates available to choose from.  Click the link below to see the available dates and register for your class.

You will want to make sure you can access the “CAMS 1V-2P – Materials For Class Machine Operation and Maint”, in case you would like to follow along (you might even consider printing this out). This PDF is found on your CAMS USB, and is the information we will be using during the interactive online class.

Make sure your speakers and microphone are working on your computer, and that your computer and web browser are up to date. Click on the link that was e-mailed to you, on the scheduled date and time, and enjoy the interactive online class.

To be prepared for the interactive online class, please have the following ready:
• Transfer sheets
• An operational heat press, warmed up to 340 degrees Farenheight, and set to medium pressure.
• A blank item or two, such as a t shirt or canvass bag, to which we will affix the rhinestones
• A 12 to 16-inch ruler (two 12in rulers would be best)
• Two pieces of 8 1/2 X 11inch paper (can be scrap paper, but it must be flat)
• A pen or pencil to write with
• A clean/dry cup or bowl
• A bag of SS6 rhinestones
• A bag of SS10 rhinestones
• A flashlight (optional)
• A magnifying glass (optional)
• The CAMS USB with the .SRT files on it

Click here to register for your training