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Digital HeatFX Online Training Step 1

Step 1 is designed to walk you through the setup of your Avance Embroidery machine.

The first thing that needs to be done is for you to download the files that will walk you through the setup and discuss what is included with your purchase.  These files were included with your embroidery machine purchase and are on the USB drive with the Avance logo on it.

The file, Avance Training – Part 1.pdf, will walk you through the initial setup of your Avance Embroidery Machine.  The Training Designs folder contains sample designs for use in training and the third file is the Avance Manual.

Click each of the three links to download the files:

Avance – Step 1 – A

The next two files are all videos and are very large. If you prefer, you can watch these videos online instead by clicking here. You will still need to download Step 1-A.

Avance – Step 1 – B
Avance – Step 1 – C

Digital HeatFX Online Training Step 2

Step 2 is simply an entrance exam that confirms you are prepared for the instructor led portion of your training and have completed Step 1, there is no training component for this part.  Our online training is done through GoToTraining and therefore you do need to register for this step to take the exam.

Click Here to Take the Exam

Digital HeatFX Online Training Step 3

Step 3 is the instructor led portion of your training.  There are several dates available to choose from.  Click the link below to see the available dates and register for your class.

Click here to register for your training